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Wayne Marshall House Raising & Restumping are your local experts for commercial and residential house raising services in Brisbane. Our expert team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise on all aspects of house raising. If your house is in an area prone to flooding, we can raise it and re-stump it to ensure the safety of your family and your possessions.

We have highly trained specialist teams that work on specific parts of the raise project. They flow from one phase to the next which allows us to provide accurate, nimble and effecient services to save you time. This is why we can often provide you with a project start time within 2-4 weeks, and never make you wait months on-end like our competitors. We believe in offering the highest level of service possible, in fact we are often credited with changing the standards in the house raise industry.

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If you are considering a house extension, a better opinion may be to raise your house and put in a new floor. Raising your home can allow you to increase the height of your basement ceiling or create a new full basement from a crawl space. These and other methods could be the most cost effective ways to double the square footage of your home. Another great reason to consider raising your house instead of adding an extension is to keep your precious backyard space. With the size of typical residential lots in the city, you have limited space to enjoy the outdoors. Raising your home keeps your current outdoor space intact.

House Raising Services in Brisbane

Wayne Marshall House Raising & Restumping can install and maintain House Raising that’s right for you and your property. We have been many years of experience, so you have confidence in the quality of the equipment we supply and install.

We can help with a house raising for structures that already have had a flooding condition and need to be lifted to prevent a future loss, or as a preventative measure so that, if a flood occurs, your house will be safe from the flooding.

House raising involves raising a home above its current foundation. House raising can be done to add a new story to your home or lifting the home to the required flood protection level. By raising your home you can protect your home and add valuable and usable space. Rise can also spin your house for a better view or orientation to improve energy efficiency of your home.

Whether or not house raising is worth it depends on a number of factors, including the severity of the problem, the cost of repairs, and the value of the home. In some cases, house raising can be a worthwhile investment that can improve the safety and value of your home.

There are a few different methods of house raising, depending on the severity of the problem and the type of foundation. Some common methods include: Pier and beam raising: This method involves installing piers or columns under the foundation to support the house. Hydraulic raising: This method uses hydraulic jacks to lift the house and place it on a new foundation. Concrete raising: This method involves pouring concrete under the foundation to raise the house.

There are a few risks associated with house raising, including: Damage to the house or foundation. Intrusion of moisture into the foundation. Settlement of the foundation in the future.

To get a quote from us, you will need to provide us with a set of structural drawings. Usually the first step is to see a draftsman or architect, then the structural drawings can be done. This is also the information needed to get council approval. We can not give you a quote without this information.

Our friendly team is always happy to answer any questions. contact us via

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When it comes to house raising, expertise and local knowledge are invaluable, here at Wayne Marshall House Raising & Restumping we have the industry experience to make short work of any project. With a deep understanding of location specific concerns, such as soil, substrate and climate issues in relation to house reblocking and foundations, you can relax knowing you are in safe hands.
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